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The Stradivarius Secret

by Jane Dards

When Stradivari made his Strad
he thought it would be awfully bad
if, after all his work, it had
so little time before it sad-
ly crumbled into dust. To add
a secret something – just a tad
of borax, iron… – might be mad:
the wood might warp, or end up clad
in grainy ridges. His jihad
against the boring blighters shad-
owed all his thoughts. He chose his pad,
and swabbed the salts on. Lo! Begad!
With gorgeous tones, his worm-free Strad
has made the music-lovers glad!

(It might be true. Or maybe Strad
just had more skill than others had.)



"The Stradivarius Secret" was first published in The Oldie January 2010.

The competition was: Scientists have been seeking the secret of the Stradivarius violin.
Write a poem in which all the lines rhyme with “Strad”.

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