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Prince Charming's Tale

by Jane Dards

I travelled through the forest long and far
and came across a cottage hidden there
where seven little men lived. Most bizarre! –
they kept the body of a lady fair
within a coffin clearly made of glass.
They told a tale of jealousy and spite,
and how the dreadful deed had come to pass –
the lovely girl took but a single bite
of poisoned apple. Now she does not live.
How fresh she looks! Her skin as white as snow
and lips like blood. I begged the dwarfs to give
me leave to take the coffin when I go.
I’ll take it home, and lovingly will park
it next to Hirst’s amazing pickled shark.

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"Prince Charming's Tale" was first published in The Oldie Summer 2010 (overall winner). The competition asked for a fairy tale retold in verse.

This sonnet was also published in the June 2011 edition of LightenUp Online.


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